• We will have a very attractive bonus system for all personnel who contributed to the successes of Personnel Vision and Maritime vision.
  • We care about our people and their families
  • We monitor closely your progress and career and discuss our findings on regular basis.
  • New started business where we understand that we are as good as the skills of our employees
  • You will have a sea of opportunities to make something out of your career, because we are operating in a wide range of disciplines.
  • We will help self employed persons to choose for the proper model to avoid double tax payments and pension build up.

We are looking for motivated professional who are interested in our business model.

Our employees are the success factor of our company and therefore we let you be part of a very attractive bonus scheme. This bonus scheme will be part of our (contractual) relationship.
We are looking for people who are only interested to work for shorter periods and people who are interested to make a career in Personnel Vision.

The 3 key elements of our company and therefore the people that work with us are, amongst others: integrity, creativity and drive.

We will ask you to fill a very comprehensive question list and ask you kindly to take your time to answer the questions asked. This question list is the key to be a successful company, because we will be able to recognize what your skills and experience are more detailed as the old fashioned CV’s. It will help you, us and our clients to make faster and better assessment about your capabilities. Because it is more comprehensive, all your knowledge as well as your style will be available for potential clients and us and therefore the success factor will be significant increased.

Our office in Zijdewind – Noord Holland.