Mario Prak is the managing director and working in the maritime industry for 33 years within a huge variety of disciplines. From deckhand, mate, Captain to Crew manager/ Interim Operational Pool manager in the  dredging industry. From works manager, project manager(offshore, Subsea rock installation and dredging), project director(Offshore, jetties, breakwater, revetments, soil improvement and dredging), operations manager(dredging and offshore), operational director(dredging and marine construction) till General manager of the offshore pipe lay installation division (offshore). In every discipline always looking for possible efficiency improvements. Experience with trouble shooting and/or efficiency improvement of harmonizing labor contracts for crewing and/or project personnel.



Sergei Lelieveld is the operational director with about 10 years of Maritime industry experience from dry docking management (maintenance, overhaul & major repairs), marine construction, dredging & reclamation, soil improvement and pipe pulls to subsea rock installation. Integrity & quality are central in everything we do.





Erik de Man

Is the creative and commercial mind with a working experience of 18 years in the “everything but normal” construction industry. From jacking and skidding 3.000t bridges over highways that were in normal traffic use, till fireproofing 7.5km long drilled tunnels, Erik has developed that typical “getting things done mentality” during his many years as project manager for large civil construction companies. Since 2010 he has been non stop active in the Offshore Wind Industry and witnessed the industry making her transition from a toddler with teething problems till where we are now. From installing Tripods in the North Sea, till three legged Jackets in the Baltic sea, from drilling in flint and limestone, till installing 1.450t flanged monopiles XXL, all the experience and lessons learned are available in one person. Takes up challenges and takes responsibility in political sensitive project settings, using his carefully mapped and managed stakeholders, together with an ever present “out of the box” mindset in order to get things done, even if it seems almost impossible!